Cheap vs. Expensive
A more expensive or name brand diaper product may not necessarily be the best one for your baby. It could be actually reeking of fragrance and quite thick in material. What matters most is if the diaper is absorbable, and minimizes the chances of your baby getting diaper rashes. A good thin absorbent diaper may be more expensive in Singapore, but well worth it! What I have found is that in the US, most diapers (even the cheap, store brand ones) seem to be actually quite thin already, so it matters less which ones you use. I was actually surprised as I had been using what I thought was a thin absorbent diaper from Singapore, but when I got to the States, I saw that the products here was actually even thinner!

Mix & Match
Who says you need to stick to one type or brand of diapers? As your baby gets older and if diaper rash becomes less of an issue, you can use a mix of diapers. I use the more absorbent better diapers at night and for her long naps, and the cheaper diapers during the rest of the day.

Cloth vs. Disposable
Some say cloth diapers are better for baby especially in terms of diaper rash, while others say there is not much difference to using cloth compared to disposable diapers. I am not an expert on cloth diapers, but here are my 2 cents’ worth based on some experience with them. They work great if you use a cloth diaper service, or if your baby doesn’t urinate a lot! Because the moment the cloth diaper is wet, you pretty much have to change it, or your baby will be sitting in a wet diaper with the wet soiled cloth next to the skin. My little one would wet a cloth diaper almost every half hour. So if you want to use cloth diapers, here’s my advice: use them in the daytime when you don’t mind changing the diaper often, but not at night or during daytime naps. Oh, and you may not want to use cloth diapers if you baby gets the loose stools when teething, like mine. Trust me, it’s really not a pretty sight.

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