I recently had a craving for good ‘ol spaghetti sauce and got the glass jar of pasta sauce from the cupboard. But after I boiled the spaghetti noodles, I tried and tried but couldn’t get the jar open! Of course, the timing was perfect because my husband was on an overseas trip so wasn’t home either to help.

I was desperate but didn’t want to do more harm to my hand (or the jar). So I did a little bit of online research on how to open stuck jars. There were quite a few methods suggested online. I ended up trying a combo of 3 methods: I used hot water (from the pot I had just cooked the spaghetti in) to pour onto the lid part of the jar, rotating the jar around so all parts of the lid got a bit of hot water. Then I made a few dents on the perimeter of the lid with the back of a butter knife. Finally I wore a rubber dishwashing glove and tried to twist the jar open. What had been a struggle for 5 minutes ended within 30 seconds as the jar lid popped open! The next day I had a stuck jar of salsa, which again popped off with just a rubber glove. So maybe a rubber glove is all you need in most cases!

(Source: http://cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/12309/what-is-the-best-way-to-open-a-tightly-fitted-lid-of-a-jar)

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