My plant-based journey began a few years ago when I read the book ‘The China Study’ by T. Colin Campbell and it changed my whole perspective on health and disease. The argument that a whole foods, plant-based diet can combat and prevent many forms of chronic disease was overwhelmingly compelling. I wasn’t aware that there was so much research already done supporting a whole foods plant-based diet in reducing one’s risk for diseases like diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, and in some cases even improving the health outcomes even if a person already has these medical conditions. Apparently, the lower one’s intake of animal proteins is, the lower the risk of these negative health outcomes.

So our family decided to make the transition. At first, it was daunting, as we had been on a meat-based diet for so long. But with each little step and each recipe tried, our family gained confidence and became food adventurers, enjoying many new tastes and textures. But the best part? It is knowing that, though I may be unable to ultimately prevent certain chronic diseases like cancer in my family, with each plant-based meal that I serve, I am helping to move them and myself towards the best health and best possible outcomes. Nutrition and what we put into our bodies DOES matter.

It has been such a thrilling and  taste-bud opening journey so far, that I hope you’ll join me. Look out for nutritional tips about being on a whole-foods, plant-based diet, and practical tips from my experience to help you (and your family!) make the transition to plant-based living. Remember, plant-based meals can be fun, delicious, colorful and are the best fuels for your body. Each time you serve a plant-based meal, you are moving yourself or your family towards the best health possible! Let’s live plantifully and thrive together!

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