In this section you will find useful kitchen hacks and shortcuts when working with plant-based foods – some of which you may not have thought of or tried before. Certain kitchen utensils and equipment are also  highlighted to help you navigate the world of culinary tools now available.

These kitchen tips & techniques will help make your cooking easier and allow you to put together plant-based meals on the table faster!


Food & Cooking

How To Pre-Prep Your Pumpkins For Faster Cooking

Cooking 101: Must Know Tips When Making Home Nut/Seed Butters

How To Make A Flax Egg

Cooking 101: How To Prepare & Use Dry Beans

Tips on Cooking Spaghetti Squash

Top 10 Ways (I’ve Found) To Eat Chili

How To Reduce The Arsenic Content Of Rice Through Cooking


Kitchen Equipment 

Fast Kitchen: Sharpen Knives!

Fast Kitchen: Steam Cook – Here’s Why

Steamers: How to Make Your Own Or Choose One

Are There Differences Between Blenders & Food Processors?

How Can I Open The Tight-Fitting Lid On A Jar?

Just How Does a Citrus Peeler Work?


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