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So you know you want to start eating healthier to improve your own health condition and perhaps the health of those you love around you. But just how exactly do you go about it? How does one eat more ‘plant-based’? Do you need to clean out your whole kitchen and buy a lot of expensive new ingredients (the answer is ‘no’!)?

If you have questions like these and many others, I’m here to help you! If you’re like me, it can seem daunting at first to start something new, especially if it involves new foods, tastes and textures. I had many questions and had to learn much through testing and experience. But I’m glad I did, because I can now share the tips and knowledge I have learned with you!

Eating a plant-based diet is actually very simple, and you do not need to go ‘cold-turkey’ off of meats and animal protein-based foods immediately. The easiest way is to actually do a transition – to start by trying a new plant-based recipe or two, and to try using a new plant food or ingredient that you have not tried before. You might be pleasantly surprised at the result!

Begin your transition to a healthier, more plantiful life by reading A Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet – Introduction.


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